Can I bring my baby? Yes, you can bring your baby as long your baby is not too mobile (usually under 6 months old) as we have a limited amount of space. If you think having your baby will be too distracting to actively participate in the workshop please arrange for childcare.

Is it better to take the class before or after we have our baby? Both can be valuable. It depends on your schedule and preferences. The workshop is designed for expecting parents but couples have found the content very relevant even after having their baby.

What is the optimum timeframe for taking the class? We recommend that you either take the workshop up to one month prior to your due date or at least a month after the birth of your baby. This will help you make the best out of the workshop and reduce the likelihood of you have to cancel the workshop at the last minute.

Can I take the class if this is not my first baby? Absolutely. Couples have found it relevant and useful after having several children.

Is this a parenting class? No. This class is focused on strengthening the relationship with your partner as you make the transition to having your baby.

Can only one partner attend the workshop? If you are in a partnership, you must come together. If you are single parent, seeking support and assistance for co-parenting then an exception can be made and you may still get something out of the program.